December 29, 2015

-A "trees" tab has been added to the level editor.

Bug fixes:
-Butter animations no longer have wonky skis. Butters still kind of suck and need a bit more work though
-Level selector pagination wasn't showing up anymore
-Switch boost fixed

If you're on a PC using a PS3 controller or a wired XBOX controller, go to this page to download the driver and please follow the instructions to make sure all the buttons work. PC controller driver

If you're on a Mac and using a PS3 controller (10.6 and up) just plug it in, press the middle button and you'll be able to play automatically. If you're using a wired Xbox controller you'll need to download the tattebogle driver right HERE.

Note that if you're using an xbox controller you need an actual wired one. The power cord won't work unfortunately.